is a new way to support your favourite club. Do you have a club you love and want to support? And by support we actually mean real money. Through it is now possible. It’s an app availiable for both iPhone and Android, easy to use and very intuitive. 

You can support any team from a top team to your local bone-crushers, we will find bets for you based on your choice. The money supporting your favourite club will come from those bets and the generosity of and the betting operators.


You can place your bet through several betting operators, based on their odds or their generosity. You decide. The betting process is reduced to the most popular bets. And you can reach all selected betting operators through a unified log-in in the Supporter app.


This is how it works: Once a you place a bet through - it is a bet within a so called affiliate program. This means that has an agreement with chosen betting operators to give back some of their profits So a percentage of the operator’s earnings goes back to as an affiliate fee. Through the supporter app the betting operators associated with will get loads of goodwill and contribute to channelling money back to sports.


Once you are a supporter using the app you will get tons of information and statistics for your chosen club. How much you are donating, how much others donate, how your club is doing compared to other clubs and much more.


This app will make supporters more supportive. The betting operators take no extra risk, the supporters take no extra risk and we at are happy to share our revenues with the supporters and their clubs.

For the love of sports.