This FAQ refers to the beta version of the App:

How do I create a Supporter.com account?

All you need to do in order to become a Supporter is to fill in the registration form and accept the Supporter Terms and Conditions.

How do I create betting accounts?

Supporter uses unified registration and once you have created your Supporter account you can create betting accounts with one or more of our betting partners. It only takes one click.

What if I already have an account with listed betting operator sites?

If you already have an account with one or more of our betting partners you can connect your existing account. Fill in username and password and your account is connected.

How do I choose favourite club?

All Supporter users must choose a favourite club to support. Use the drop down and scroll to find you club or use the free text option to locate your club.

How do I contribute to my club?

All betting partners working with Supporter are donating a percentage of their betting revenues. How much each betting operator is donating is listed next to the odds on a specific event.

How do I know how much my club is receiving from Supporter.com?

In your start page you can easily follow how much you and the other supporters are donating to your chosen club.

How do I place a bet?

When placing bets Supporter sends you directly into the betting slip on the betting operator you have chosen. Once the bet is placed you can easily navigate back to Supporter.

How do I deposit money?

If you want to make a deposit to a betting operator you simply click on the deposit button listed in the odds section. Supporter sends you directly into the deposit section of the chosen betting operator and you choose deposit method and amount. Once deposit is made you can easiy navigate back to Supporter.

Is Supporter.com a betting operator?

Supporter is not a betting operator. Supporter only offers information on playable markets and helps supporters to contribute to clubs through betting activities.

How often does my club get paid?

Your club is paid every month.

Does it cost me anything?

No, there are no costs involved.

Does it cost my club anything?

No, there are no costs for your club and no administration.