Supporter.com is the first betting service that actually cares about teams, clubs, supporters and betting companies. It's founded in Sweden by Peo Strömberg and this is his story:

I’m a supporter.

Have you ever had an idea that feels too good to be true? The kind of idea that's so good you think someone else must surely have already tried it? This is that kind of idea.

It was early Saturday morning and I sat watching a coach teach gymnastics to my five-year-old. Her enthusiasm inspired me. What could I do to support her? As for me, I'm more of a supporter than a player. Growing up with the football coupons was something special for me, not least when I could sit watching the game next to my father, desperately hoping the right team would win.

In that sports hall on Saturday morning I realised something. I know technology, I know the world of betting and I love watching sport. What if every fan could easily give something back to the team they love. Could I give something back to the coach out there patiently teaching my son?

That night I studied the world of betting to try and find an opening −  and I found it. And after what feels like three trillion phone calls and hundreds of meetings later here it is −  supporter.com. The first product that enables every sports and betting fan to give something back to the team they love.

So if you're a sports and betting fan you're welcome to head to supporter.com to find out more.

I'll see you in the stands!

Peo Strömberg
Father, fan and founder of Supporter.com

Supporter Team

Peo Strömberg - Founder & Chief Executive Supporter
Mats af Ekenstam - Chairman of the Supporters 
Adrian Lozano - Chief Architect Supporter
Erik Torsner - Chief Technical Supporter
Gustav Lipcsey - Co-founder & Chief Executive Supporter Sweden